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  • CNC Cage Making Machine

    CNC Cage Making Machine

    Listing time: 2017 - 01 - 14

    Reinforcing cage main reinforcement by automatically expect points on material; Rack main reinforcement artificial to through the fixed disc catheter to mobile plate duct, and pass by electric tools will be the main reinforcement fixed on the mobile disk catheter; Pan jin (around) after straightener welding on the main reinforcement; And then start the normal welding, fixed plate and plate of synchronous rotation and movement plate according to the preset speed (walking speed can be adjusted according to the operation of the workers' proficiency in), welding at the same time, to make the finished steel reinforcement cage.

    Feihong reinforcing cage equipment introduction of the latest European technology, reinforcing cage diameter error can be controlled within 1 cm; 1 meter length of reinforcing cage plate spacing error can be controlled within 5 mm; Production efficiency is artificial make three to four times the size of reinforcing cage, equipment operation workers need only 3 to 5 people, production of finished steel reinforcement cage main reinforcement, uniform plate spacing, solder joint full, strong, can realize supervision exempted from inspection.


    1. Import ABB converter, Panasonic PLC and Touchable Screen to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

    2. Cage diameter control precision, the longitudinal bar spacing error is small, and it can be controlled within 1cm; one meter Spiral wire spacing error can be controlled within 5mm.

    3.It can produce double longitudinal bar with double spiral wires high quality cage.

    4. The weight of the equipment is heavier 10% than other factories in the same industry.

    5.The load capacity of equipment is large, and it can produce 5-6 tons in one rebar cage.

    6.Power source: the three main geared motors adopt the domestic top brands, large torque and low failure rate.

    7.The hydraulic support adopts a Cylinder diameter of 100mm, but other suppliers’ are generally 80mm in the industry; the support ability of our equipment is over 20% in the same industry.


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