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  • CNC Bending Center

    CNC Bending Center

    Listing time: 2017 - 01 - 14

    Two head can automatically move the device, a high degree of automation, controlled by imported servo motor and electric control system, high production efficiency. Equipped with automatic storage rack, automatic mobile steel raw material, carrying capacity is strong, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    1. Controlled by top-class brand servo motor. The nose features rapid moving response and high accuracy of positioning.

    2. The bending nose has compact structure. The bending moulds of different models are equipped. The bent rebar is of intensive range.

    3. The bending platform adopts high-strength guide rail which will not be out of shape easily and is durable in use.

    4. With humanized storing racks, the production is easy and efficience can be improved.

    5. With world top-class brand CNC control system, we realize automatic production and ensure practicality and long service life of equipment.



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