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  •  CNC Stirrup Bender

    CNC Stirrup Bender

    Listing time: 2016 - 12 - 23

    CNC stirrup bender can automatically complete the straightening, lengthening, bending and cutting of steel wire, so that it can save time, labor and materials. With high processing precision and efficiency, it can realize fully automated, uninterrupted assembly line for steel wire processing. The machine is widely used in railways, highways, bridges, real estate, large-scale wire processing plants and other fields.

    1. Pure CNC stirrup bender can digitally control the traction and pressing amount according to the steel wire diameter, and the electric control detects the bending motion to make the operation simple and the work more stable. 

    2Double-position bending axis setting & optional multiple moulds; it can bent various stirrups of 100-1380mm

    3. Traction straightening wheel  After special heat treatment process, the surface hardness is 55-60HRC, is corrosion resistance, wear resista. 

    4. Split fixed blade,It can bend single-wire Φ5-13mm, double-wire Φ5-10mm of smooth-round cold-rolled  and hot-rolled steel.

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