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  • CNC Shearing Line

    CNC Shearing Line

    Listing time: 2016 - 12 - 23

    The equipment is controlled by the numerical control system. It has accurate cutting size, flexible operation, high efficiency, only one operation, economical and practical, the failure rate is low, the production capacity can reach 50 tons/day(10 hours).


    1.Adopting hydraulic shearing, which features are small volume、high cutting force and high output. Compared to the mechanical shear, it has the advantages of low noise、long service life and stable operation, etc.

    2.Adopting import seal to the hydraulic cylinder, it is greatly increased service life.

    3.With hydraulic cylinder pressing material, it has the higher pressure, and the steel bar will not rotate during cutting, therefore the steel bar will be uniformly cut.

    4.Rebar fixed-length mechanism adopts servo motor control, adjusting the distance between the shear blade and positioning baffle through Servo motor drive screw mechanism. With encoder measurement, length of high precision, it can up to ± 2 mm. It can cut the rebar to kinds of length.

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