Equipment type: reinforcing cage making machine, CNC benderConstruction begins from: April, 2016Location: Jia county, Nanyang, Pingdingshan On April 2016, 7 Shandong Feihong cage making machines and 2 CNC benders were gradually sent to Jia County, Pingdingshan City and Nanyang City of Henan Province to participate in the project of South section of Zhengzhou to Wanzhou high-speed rail. At the same time, the construction technology standard of Feihong on steel bar processing equipment has also become the measuring standard on technical equipment of other construction contractors.
Equipment type: 3 cage making machines, 3 CNC benders, 2 automatic stirrup benders, 1 CNC shearing lineConstruction begins from: January 2016Location: Wudang Mountain, Suizhou On January 2016, 3 Shandong Feihong cage making machines, 3 CNC benders , 2 automatic stirrup benders and 1 CNC shearing line were gradually sent to Wudang Mountain and Suizhou of Wuhan Province to participate in the project of Hanshi high-speed rail.
Equipment type: 6 cage making machines, 6 CNC bendersConstruction begins from: June 2016Location: Huixian County, Zhouqu, Lanzhou Airport On January 2016, 6 Shandong Feihong cage making machine and 6 CNC benders were gradually sent to the Huixian County, Zhouqu and Lanzhou Airport successfully to participate in construction of Weiwu expressway. “Whenever, Feihong equipment would always keep brilliant operation stability, and there would be no failures or troubles in the construction process, though there would be small problems, post sales engineers of Feihong could always solve problems at first time.”
Equipment type: 3 cage making machinesConstruction begins from: November 2016Location: Hongyazi Village of Pingluo County On November 2016, Ningxia Luhao Highway Engineer Co., purchased 3 cage making machines from Feihong for the project of Ningxia Yellow River Extra-long Bridge in Pingluo County of Ningxia. Ningxia Luhao Highway Engineer Co., highly praised its first cooperation with Feihong and has highly affirmed the performance of that equipment.
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